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Active e-Portfolios

MyPlan is a tool for learning the skills required to take control of one's own life; including career, education, wealth, leisure and other interests.  It is also a presentation medium – containing, among other things,  a résumé and certificates of achievement.

Students can use it to present evidence of progress towards set learning goals.  MyPlan is capable of being used flexibly to achieve objectives.  It can be divided into separate components and easily referenced to external documents.

Students can use MyPlan in full as an e-Portfolio.

  • MyPlan can be saved as a PowerPoint show which you can be burnt to a CD or DVD, or stored on a school or home computer or on a USB drive, MP3 player or iPhone. 
  • Students can add slide transitions for an on-screen presentation and put in action buttons to link to other slides, other documents or even web-sites.  For example, a picture of a résumé can be made into an action button that links to the actual document on a student's own computer, on the same CD or DVD or on a web server.  The same can be donewith references, reports, certificates and other documents.

Targeted e-Portfolios

One of the great advantages of MyPlan is its ability to produce many different targeted e-portfolios from a single master MyPlan.  The targeted e-portfolios can be:

  • normal presentations printed as handouts,
  • PowerPoint shows,
  • PowerPoint web pages, or even
  • PowerPoint movies in QuickTime format. 

It is easy for students to save earlier versions of MyPlan to build a documented history of goals, strategies and achievements. It encourages them to understand that plans change and if a goal or strategy is not working, they should modify or replaceit.

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