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MyPlan for personal individual use is now available for immediate download for AUD$20.00.

The MyPlan download contains PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF files for you to save .

  • MyPlan (ppt files)
    My Attendance (xls)
  • My Budget (xls)
  • My Community Service (doc and pdf)
  • My Learning Styles (xls)
  • My Subject Selection (doc and pdf)
  • My Work Experience(doc and pdf)

To download MyPlan using PayPal, click the Buy Now button. You will begiven the download link by PayPal. If you don't yet have a PayPal account it is easy to set one up following the steps that will be shown to you when you click the Buy Now button.

If you want to purchase MyPlan but would like to receive all files mailed to you post free on a CD rather than as an internet download, please click this button. The CD price of AUD$20 includes all shipping and handling costs.

To purchase MyPlan and the MyPlan Toolbox for your school without using PayPal, please email me your school details and your requirements and I will post a CD with an invoice.

MyPlan can be tailored to your specific curriculum and course requirements and can include your school logo and other specific identifying or promotional content. The whole of school version for AUD$1,950 is more economical for student cohorts of 100 or more students. Please email me your contact details or phone 0409097928.

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